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Earth Bud

Herbal Bath Tea (pack of 2)

Herbal Bath Tea (pack of 2)

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A blend of absolute essentials for a relaxing and restorative bath - Epsom salts for magnesium muscle relaxation, organic chamomile and calendula flowers, cleansing aloe vera soap curls, soothing Kaolin clay and essential oils of uplifting mandarin, meditative frankincense and relaxing lavender. 

Simply run your warm bath, pop in the sachet, and enjoy your aromatic soak.

All contained in this biodegradable sachet to save you on mess (because who wants to clean thier bathtub, after a bath? Not me!). 

Includes 2 sachets at 40gm each. 


Ingredients - Magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts), Australian sea salt, sodium olivate, sodium cocoate, aloe vera butter, kaolin clay, organic sunflower oil, organic dried calendula, tapioca starch, organic dried chamomile, dried cornflowers and essential oil blend of mandarin, lavender & frankincense. 

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