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Earth Bud

Floral Hydration Infusion

Floral Hydration Infusion

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This is the one product I use EVERY day. Sometimes I forget to cleanse, sometimes I don't moisturise, but I always, ALWAYS hydrate. I love this combination of Rose water, Aloe Vera juice and Geranium hydrosol to balance oil production, soothe and hydrate skin cells topically. Dehydrated skin often looks wrinkly, crepey and can feel rough - hydration is key to keep those skin cells plump and perky.

Perfect for summer to refresh, and if you apply your moisturiser while your skin is still moist from spray, you will find you use less cream and get a lighter finish. Are you misting yet?!


Ingredients: Organic rose hydrosol, organic geranium hydrosol, organic aloe vera juice, gluconolactone.

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