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Earth Bud

Hemp Serum with CoQ10

Hemp Serum with CoQ10

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NOW IN 50ml & 100ml bottles

Your requests for a serum have come to fruition! This fast penetrating serum is designed to deeply moisturise, brighten, improve skin elasticity, smoothness and tone, whilst balancing oil production.

Organic hemp seed oil is amazing for all skin types (including oily skins!) as it does not clog pores, and the omega 6 fatty acids help to balance oil production, hydrate and encourage skin growth and new cell generation.

Camellia oil is a rich source of omega 9, vitamins A, D, C, and E, and other antioxidants helping to maintain moisture in the skin and protect the skin from UV and environmental exposure.

CoQ10 used topically has been shown to penetrate the skin, is metabolically transformed, exerts antioxidant effects, and plays a vital role in the production of collagen.

These 3 key ingredients, combined with the soothing and hydrating Aloe Vera, and the balancing and uplifting essential oils of Mimosa, geranium, lavender & sandalwood make this a super light, yet deeply penetrating serum suitable for all skin types.

Recommended to use prior to your moisturising face cream, morning & night.


Ingredients: Aloe vera juice, organic hemp seed oil, organic camellia oil, organic vegetable glycerine, emulsifying wax, gluconolactone, coenzymeQ10, rosemary extract and essential oils of mimosa, geranium, lavender & sandalwood.



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